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Workshop Calendar 2012

We are offering all of the courses from 2011 in 2013with some additional Level 8 courses being available in March 2012.

Next Introductory tantric evening - Feb 8 2012Next Introductory tantric evening - Feb 8 2012

Our next introductory evening is April 8th in London. It is a mini workshop from 6.45 - 10pm and is an opportunity to experience the spirit of Tantra and a chance for questions and answers.

This is a regular series of one-day workshops for people who can do Tantra on a Tuesday.

Do you sometimes get frustrated that it normally all happens at weekends, when you really want to sleep, make love, mow the lawn, clean your car, party or hang out with family and friends? Why not be a bit radical - try Tantra on Tuesdays!

A wacky experiment devised by the creative heart and mind of a working mum and wife to liberate some weekend space and provide more frequent, lower cost, mixed-level events for keen Tantrikas during the week.


Welcome to the Tantric Massage website. For information about our workshops please see the new calendar for 2013
For a sensual massage in London call 07516 182 929 now...

Our tantric Godesses

Our Goddesses know that Tantric massages are a key technique in the system of Tantra as described by the Hindus and Buddhists of medieval India.

We cover most of central and West London including:


December Tantric Introductory Evening INDIVIDUAL Tantra Courses London or see Workshop Calendar 2012

Tantric massages are part of a spiritual practice and ritualized form of worship that purports to liberate the practitioner from the endless cycle of ignorance and rebirth known as Samsara.

Feel free to get in touch with us.

Telephone: 07516 182 929


All new Goddess for December 2013