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Your massage, your Goddess

After your chat with your Goddess, you will be told to close your eyes and just sit back and relax. Your Goddess will begin to open up your senses with a guided meditation and a Tantric practice called a Sensory Journey. You will be guided to focus on and relax every muscle in your body from head to toe, as your Goddess gives you gorgeous visualisations in her calming meditative voice, she will lightly touch every part of your body that she intends for you to focus on and relax, her light touch caressing you, your eyes may be closed but you will be very aware that your Goddess is right there with you, you will be able to feel her loving energy, hear her breath as she takes care of you, doing what she does best..connecting..healing..and opening you up to a world where only your relaxation and pleasure exist. It is Shaktis' greatest honour and pleasure to create the ultimate Tantric pleasure for Shiva.

After the guided meditation, still sitting on the bed together, your Goddess will describe to you a simple breathing technique sitting in a position called Yab Yum. You will both sit much closer, your Goddess will sit facing you and wrap her legs around your waist, your legs will be straight out in front of you, your back against the cushions for comfort, or..if you are more flexible..you can cross your legs and your Goddess will sit cosy on your legs with her legs wrapped around your waist. From either position, you will begin with the classic and very effective breathing technique called Heart to Heart.

> You will place one of your hands on your Goddess' heart and she will place one of her hands on your heart, and your free hand rests on top of her hand that is placed against your heart and she does the same with her free hand. As your Goddess breathes deeply in, at the same time you will breathe out towards her, then as she breathes out naturally you will breathe in her breath deeply and so you are both breathing in your natural in and out rhythms (as she breathes in you breathe out and vice versa) and more deeply than usual, sucking air right down in to your tummy just like a baby breathes. Physically connected in the Tantric Yab Yum position and looking in to each others eyes..in this moment forget the outside world and forget all the external things that you identify yourself with, in this moment you represent the male divine energy Shiva and your Goddess represents the female divine energy Shakti. As Shiva and Shakti you will create a magnificent dance breathing together as one divine energy called LOVE.

read more on Looking in to each others eyes is a Tantric practice called eye gazing

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Our Goddesses know that Tantric massages are a key technique in the system of Tantra as described by the Hindus and Buddhists of medieval India.

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Tantric massages are part of a spiritual practice and ritualized form of worship that purports to liberate the practitioner from the endless cycle of ignorance and rebirth known as Samsara.

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