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Tantric practice called eye gazing

Looking in to each others eyes is a Tantric practice called eye gazing. Also there is a slightly more advanced version of the Heart to Heart breathing technique where you and your Goddess sit in the same position of Yab Yum and do the same style of breathing but instead of eye gazing, you place your mouthes together, not kissing, just lips lightly touching, eyes closed and breathe deeply together. This can really have a rather intoxicating effect, breathing this deeply with your beautiful Goddess will take you to a world of relaxation that you may have forgotten existed or may not have experienced before. This is the aim of Tantric, to take you gently in to a world where you and your sexual energy are in total unison, so that you can experience a deeper level of pleasure and experience being connected in a loving way to your tantric partner who is taking the journey with you.

After your guided meditation, sensory journey and Tantric breathing with your Goddess, when you are both as relaxed as each other, your Goddess will bring you to standing with her and both of you will move towards the massage table. You Goddess will tell you to face the massage table and she will stand behind you and slowly undo your sarong and hold it up to shade you as you lie comfortably face down on the massage table. You will notice again that every thing is perfectly clean and well presented for you.

You Goddess will use your sarong to cover you, your back right down to your feet. She will then place her hands on you, one hand on your heart chakra between your shoulders representing your heart chakra and one hand at your base chakra on the lower back representing your sex centre. With a little honouring meditation she will honour you and the Divine Shiva energy within you. Your Goddess will then walk slowly to the end of the massage table and very gently begin to slowly pull the sarong down your body. As your body is revealed, your Goddess will join you and take her dress off to reveal her smooth nude body.

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Tantric massages are part of a spiritual practice and ritualized form of worship that purports to liberate the practitioner from the endless cycle of ignorance and rebirth known as Samsara.

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