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On arrival you will be given a clean towel and a clean sarong and given privacy to organise your clothes in the wardrobe and wrap your sarong around your waist and enter the bathroom where you will take a lovely warm shower with the expensive good quality body wash provided, only the best products are provided because the small things like a nice warm bathroom and nice products all matter.

After your shower, the bathroom is en suite, you will enter back in to your room wearing your sarong around your waist, and your Tantric Goddess will be there waiting for you. She will be wearing her goddess dress, a sexy yet classy beautiful dress that shows just enough skin to already fire up your visual centre.

You will be led to a cushioned bed by her and you will notice the warm inviting and relaxing atmosphere in the room, the light smell of incense, candles, dim lighting that sets the mood perfectly, the room decorated with soft coloured materials that transform the room in to a mini temple just for you and your Goddess to go on this blissful journey together. You will both sit on the bed together, you still in your sarong and your Goddess in her dress, and she will begin the tantric session by asking you if you have any thing that you would like to discuss with her. This could range from tensions at work, home or within yourself. Specifically if you have any issues relating to sex, such as premature ejaculation or you want to practice ejaculation control, all these things can be discussed openly with your Goddess and everything talked about is completely confidential.

Your Goddess is there to listen and pick up on any areas where these tensions may be causing energy blocks within your chakra system. Your Goddess will be very sensitive to the energy flow within your body. The way you sit, the way you felt in her arms when she greeted you with a warm hug as you first arrived, the way you use body language as you are talking which could be subconsciously pointing to blocked areas are all things she will be sensitive to. By the time you sit on the bed together to talk, your Goddess will already be deeply connected to you, and this connection goes deeper and deeper as the session progresses.

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Our Goddesses know that Tantric massages are a key technique in the system of Tantra as described by the Hindus and Buddhists of medieval India.

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Tantric massages are part of a spiritual practice and ritualized form of worship that purports to liberate the practitioner from the endless cycle of ignorance and rebirth known as Samsara.

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