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Lingham massage

During the entire session you will be guided by your Goddesses breath to focus on your own Tantric breathing which is breathing through the mouth, both inhalation and exhalation, unlike yogic breathing which uses the nose to inhale. So, as you and your therapist breathe in sync with  each other,  this consistent breathing will keep you in Tantric presence, your Goddess will work on your thighs and outer and inner thighs again, but from the front she can reach new places she was not able to reach when you were laying face down to ensure that really no area of your body is left untouched. Just to add..if you do not feel like concentrating on your breathing or forget to focus on breathing because you are floating in a world of empty mind and just enjoying the physical sensation of your Goddess touching you, then this is completely fine and you will still experience the same pleasures.

The idea of Tantric breathing is to connect with the very deepest part of your sexual energy so as to achieve an even more expanded orgasim, although this can truly be an earth shattering experience and the orgasim achieved just through the Tantric experience alone tat your Goddess has guided you both through will no doubt be a stronger and more profound orgasim than that which you are used to having.

Massaging your chest and sides and shoulders, running her hands down your arms in to the palm of your hands, you will feel like the most pampered man on Earth! Again your Goddess will focus on giving you a second lighter head massage and this time you can see things you could not see before when laying face down..

Relax and enjoy the waves of Tantric pleasure and sensations as the sensory journey that your Goddess has taken you on, from the moment you met her to now, will absolutely benefit you for weeks to come after your session. An experience like this is unforgettable and highly beneficial because the most powerful and effective energies were awakened and experienced at a higher level within you, sexual energy and the energy of love.

The most exciting, sensual, pleasurable part of the massage is next as your Goddess starts with the Lingham massage. Smoothing the silky oil on to her hands your Goddess will begin by slowly and gently massaging the skin around your Lingham and then slowly move on to start massaging your. Your Goddess will use techniques that are thousands of years old and part of the old tantric teachings on how to pleasure a man to the point of pure connected ecstasy. Your beautiful Goddess will also use more modern tantric massage techniques too.

You will experience brand new ways of stimulation and the successful effect they have on your body as a whole, not just your Lingham. Throughout the massage you have been breathing tantra style and visualised connecting your heart with your sex centre, your Goddess has awakened every one of your senses one by one, connecting your heart to your sex with her touch, guiding the energy in your body to flow in aligned unity, so that now every cell in your body is vibrating to the higher frequency of love. As your Lingham is massaged you will feel those deeper waves of pleasure, expanding from your toes to your head. As your Goddess touches your Lingham, she is also touching the rest of you, as her energy is now intertwined with yours in the realm of tantric bliss.

Lingham massage is sacred and can be a profound experience. The techniques used for the Lingham massage are Tantric massage techniques that have been studied and practiced widely in the world of tantra.

Lingham massage is not a classic 'happy ending'. Lingham massage is a part of the teachings of tantra and is widely respected as a valuable practice to help with gaining a better knowledge of your body and what techniques work best to give the ultimate orgasim. Also Lingham massage can be used to treat sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or a temporary inability to become aroused.

Our Goddesses are trained and experienced in teaching you, in the beautiful and relaxed setting of their private temple, how to use your pelvic (p.c) muscles to strengthen your Lingham, to practice ejaculation control so that when you eventually do let go, it is a very strong orgasim because you have held back on ejaculating two or three times. Learn how to have multiple orgasims and internal orgasims (orgasim without ejaculation). Our goddesses are also trained to do prostate massage.

Our aim is to provide you with an experience that will truly touch your heart and fill you with an astounding level of peace, vibrancy and pleasure. You will not feel tired after your massage, you will feel very relaxed but with a pure energy. Energy to go back out in to the world knowing that you are, within yourself, abundant in peace, love, happiness and light. more on tantric massage

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