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Health from withinHealth from what we eat tantrically

Health from what we eat
As well as offering protection against colds or more serious illnesses, eating a healthy diet has other beneficial effects. It can make you feel good from within and generally more optimistic about life. It should also give you more energy, and take away that sluggish, lacklustre feeling caused by eating too much junk food.

Healthy eating will make you look better, too. A regular intake of all the necessary nutrients will greatly improve the appearance of your skin and your complexion, giving you a healthy radiance Your hair will shine, and your teeth and nails will also be stronger.

How to think about food
Food should be one of life's great pleasures. Make an effort with what you eat and take the time to pamper yourself with healthy luxuries - it's a cheap and easy way to treat yourself as healthy eating doesn't have to rely on limp, dull salads and plain brown rice. Just think how delicious a simple slice of luscious ripe melon can be or a plate of sumptuous asparagus tips. Consider fragrant exotic fruits, fresh salad leaves, healthy and delicious sushi, sweet ripe tomatoes, good quality Italian pasta, smooth homemade guacamole, a succulent organic chicken breast grilled with lemon and herbs, cold poached organic salmon, or a bowl of live, low-fat natural yogurt with a drizzle of honey and some toasted almonds to complement your tantric massage work. When starting to eat more healthily, you don't have to give up all treats, as an occasional chocolate or ice cream won't hurt.

Shopping for food
Regular shopping to maintain a supply of fresh ingredients is important for healthy eating, so shop little and often. This gives you the opportunity to buy and cook what you fancy when you fancy it. If you have a good supply of fresh ingredients in the house, you are more likely to cook a proper meal rather than ordering a take away.

If you don't get home until late, buy natural convenience foods which cook quickly or don't need cooking at all. Create delicious meals in minutes from salad ingredients, pesto for instant pasta sauces, baby new potatoes, sweet peppers, pitta breads, fresh herbs, tinned fish, meat or fish for grilling, and fresh vegetables.

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