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Spoil your self with a massage to remember. We have been offering tantric massage to gentlemen since 2007 and pride ourselves on a discreet intimate service that is also highly recomended. Tantric Massage is available in many London locations and Godesses are available from 11.00am onwards. Please call 07516 182 929 and let yourself be the judge of how we can claim to be one of the most discering massage services in London.

"How often do you spend some time on yourself? In our busy lives, we pack so much in that we have no time left for the basics in life: to prepare a proper meal, take a little gentle exercise or simply to relax and allow the stresses of the day to drain away with a massage"

tantra massage London with CrsytalWelcome to the Tantric Massage website. Tantra, loosely translated, means the body, spirit and mind. It stands for an opportunity to expand your whole being, and increase the sensitivity of your senses, energies and emotions. This will include an awareness of your sexual energy and your breathing, and you will experience a marked improvement in your ability to feeling happiness and joy.

As you might be wondering what happens during a Tantric Massage, here is a description of the pampering all over body experience that it is and all the wonderful things that await you..

Tantric Yoga is an ancient philosophical system of spiritual practice which originated in medieval India and spread to South-east Asia and Tibet. Of all the spiritual paths in existence the Tantric teachings stand apart as they are solely concerned with the existence and movement of energy, or Shakti. Unlike most spiritual paths which describe the world as a place of suffering or transition, a place meant for testing human beings but which is finally only an illusion (known as “Maya” in Sanskrit), Tantra describes reality as a unending source of power and as an aspect of the divine consciousness. At their core Tantric teachings maintain that ultimate reality (known as “Shiva”) and Shakti or energy, are actually one and the same thing.

Because of this deep understanding and the subsequent approach to existence, the Tantric teachings include much of nature and its energies and forces, as well as the energies and forces within human beings, which are inexorably a part of that nature. This position is described in the traditional Tantric texts (the ancient texts known as the Agamas, dating from medieval India). In these texts it can be seen that Tantra actually delves into various fascinating fields of spiritual research, including astrology and astronomy, sacred dance, alternative therapies the science of colours and sounds, architecture, chakras, spiritual realization, kundalini, and much more.

Among all these areas of mastery and interest, the Tantrics also investigated the most powerful and ubiquitous energy in all of nature and also in the human being – they identified this as being the sexual energy. The sexual energy exists in perpetual activity at every single level of reality, from the smallest atom to the most immense galaxy. And the Tantrics realized that in the human body this energy plays a major role in spiritual evolution or read about Tantric practice called eye gazing.

The Tantric philosophy has furnished the world with many revolutionary teachings about spirituality and sex. The Tantrics discovered that the sexual energy can actually be transformed (through particular Tantric training and techniques) into a truly spiritual act, a conscious and powerful act that can leave the human being free of the binds of Samsara and bring about not just spiritual evolution but also spiritual realization. If you would like to discuss Tantric Massage, please feel free to get in touch. More on you and your massage

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A number of our clients have asked how they can help keep their body and soul calm between massage. Well one way is to watch what you eat. see our Health from within page. Relax, let go

As you might be wondering what happens during a Tantric Massage, here is a description of the pampering experience that it is and all the wonderful things that await you..

On arrival you will be given a clean towel and a clean sarong and given privacy to organise your clothes in the wardrobe and wrap your sarong around your waist and enter the bathroom where you will take a lovely warm shower with the expensive good quality body wash provided, only the best products are provided because the small things like a nice warm bathroom and nice products all matter.

After your shower, the bathroom is en suite, you will enter back in to your room wearing your sarong around your waist, and your Tantric Goddess will be there waiting for you. She will be wearing her goddess dress, a sexy yet classy beautiful dress that shows just enough skin to already fire up your visual centre.

You will be led to a cushioned bed by her and you will notice the warm inviting and relaxing atmosphere in the room, the light smell of incense, candles, dim lighting that sets the mood perfectly, the room decorated with soft coloured materials that transform the room in to a mini temple just for you and your Goddess to go on this blissful journey together. You will both sit on the bed together, you still in your sarong and your Goddess in her dress, and she will begin the tantric session by asking you if you have any thing that you would like to discuss with her. This could range from tensions at work, home or within yourself. Specifically if you have any issues relating to sex, such as premature ejaculation or you want to practice ejaculation control, all these things can be discussed openly with your Goddess and everything talked about is completely confidential.

Your Goddess is there to listen and pick up on any areas where these tensions may be causing energy blocks within your chakra system. Your Goddess will be very sensitive to the energy flow within your body. The way you sit, the way you felt in her arms when she greeted you with a warm hug as you first arrived, the way you use body language as you are talking which could be subconsciously pointing to blocked areas are all things she will be sensitive to. By the time you sit on the bed together to talk, your Goddess will already be deeply connected to you, and this connection goes deeper and deeper as the session progresses.

After your chat with your Goddess, you will be told to close your eyes and just sit back and relax. Your Goddess will begin to open up your senses with a guided meditation and a Tantric practice called a Sensory Journey. You will be guided to focus on and relax every muscle in your body from head to toe, as your Goddess gives you gorgeous visualisations in her calming meditative voice, she will lightly touch every part of your body that she intends for you to focus on and relax, her light touch caressing you, your eyes may be closed but you will be very aware that your Goddess is right there with you, you will be able to feel her loving energy, hear her breath as she takes care of you, doing what she does best..connecting..healing..and opening you up to a world where only your relaxation and pleasure exist. It is Shaktis' greatest honour and pleasure to create the ultimate Tantric pleasure for Shiva.

After the guided meditation, still sitting on the bed together, your Goddess will describe to you a simple breathing technique sitting in a position called Yab Yum. You will both sit much closer, your Goddess will sit facing you and wrap her legs around your waist, your legs will be straight out in front of you, your back against the cushions for comfort, or..if you are more flexible..you can cross your legs and your Goddess will sit cosy on your legs with her legs wrapped around your waist. From either position, you will begin with the classic and very effective breathing technique called Heart to Heart.

You will place one of your hands on your Goddess' heart and she will place one of her hands on your heart, and your free hand rests on top of her hand that is placed against your heart and she does the same with her free hand. As your Goddess breathes deeply in, at the same time you will breathe out towards her, then as she breathes out naturally you will breathe in her breath deeply and so you are both breathing in your natural in and out rhythms (as she breathes in you breathe out and vice versa) and more deeply than usual, sucking air right down in to your tummy just like a baby breathes. Physically connected in the Tantric Yab Yum position and looking in to each others eyes..in this moment forget the outside world and forget all the external things that you identify yourself with, in this moment you represent the male divine energy Shiva and your Goddess represents the female divine energy Shakti. As Shiva and Shakti you will create a magnificent dance breathing together as one divine energy called LOVE.

Looking in to each others eyes is a Tantric practice called eye gazing. Also there is a slightly more advanced version of the Heart to Heart breathing technique where you and your Goddess sit in the same position of Yab Yum and do the same style of breathing but instead of eye gazing, you place your mouthes together, not kissing, just lips lightly touching, eyes closed and breathe deeply together. This can really have a rather intoxicating effect, breathing this deeply with your beautiful Goddess will take you to a world of relaxation that you may have forgotten existed or may not have experienced before. This is the aim of Tantric, to take you gently in to a world where you and your sexual energy are in total unison, so that you can experience a deeper level of pleasure and experience being connected in a loving way to your tantric partner who is taking the journey with you.

After your guided meditation, sensory journey and Tantric breathing with your Goddess, when you are both as relaxed as each other, your Goddess will bring you to standing with her and both of you will move towards the massage table. You Goddess will tell you to face the massage table and she will stand behind you and slowly undo your sarong and hold it up to shade you as you lie comfortably face down on the massage table. You will notice again that every thing is perfectly clean and well presented for you.

You Goddess will use your sarong to cover you, your back right down to your feet. She will then place her hands on you, one hand on your heart chakra between your shoulders representing your heart chakra and one hand at your base chakra on the lower back representing your sex centre. With a little honouring meditation she will honour you and the Divine Shiva energy within you. Your Goddess will then walk slowly to the end of the massage table and very gently begin to slowly pull the sarong down your body. As your body is revealed, your Goddess will join you and take her dress off to reveal her smooth nude body.

There are lots of sensual techniques which your Goddess will use to awaken every pulsing fibre within you. A few of these techniques will be described here but not all of them as some are exclusive to our Goddesses and are for you to find out and experience personally with your Goddess. The massage will begin with your Goddess gently caressing with her soft hand every part of the back of your body. Starting at your feet and working her way up your legs, over your bum and all the way up your back, softly stroking the back of your neck, her fingers pressing gently but with intention in to your head..feel the release of any residue tension slip away as your body relaxes further in to the massage table and you feel the absolute genuinely loving touch of your Goddess.

Our Goddesses all take great pride in being the most truly genuine Goddesses you will find in London. Your Goddess will be aware that if her touch and her energy were not genuine and true..you will be able to feel it! However this is why your Goddess will be so confident with you and strong in her guidance because she knows she has nothing only love and pleasure to give to you and you will be absolutely able to feel this in her true touch.

After your Goddess has caressed every part of the back of your body she will now be in tune with the contours of your body and certain areas of stagnant or blocked energy that she can pay extra attention to later in the massage. For now, as she continues to work your body towards an ultimate state of bliss, your Goddess will pamper you with more of her exquisite techniques such as..blowing her hot breath all the way up your body using deep exhalations of hot breath from your feet to the back of your neck. The sound of her breath and the heat delighting you as she moves ever closer to your neck, finishing with lots of kisses on your head, no part of you left out! Your Goddess will then gently and sensually kiss your body, starting at your feet and working her way up your body focusing and spending a little more time on your more sensitive areas such as the back of your legs, inner thighs, sides of your torso and lower back. Breathing seductively as she kisses up your spine, the only thing you can feel is her lips connecting with your skin, you will realise that you can feel a powerful connection to your body, to your heart, to your sex centre and to your Goddess. You know you are having a true Tantric experience and it feels liberating and great, and of course, extremely pleasurable. Your Goddess will use feathers to caress your body and other soft caressing props.

Every cell, every fibre of your being will be more awakened and ready to benefit from the deeper part of the hands on massage. Your Goddess will begin by pouring warm oil in to her palm and rubbing both her palms together to smooth the oil on to both her hands. The oil is the best quality massage oil on the market, unscented and tested by dermatologists to prove that it does not cause any allergic reactions on any skin type, the oil is therefore hypoallergenic and expensive..but you are worth it!

Your Goddess will then begin by warming your ankles with the oil and then concentrate on giving you an experienced foot massage. After your feet have been massaged your Goddess will then start to massage your legs, starting at your ankles and working deeply or lightly in to the muscles of your lower leg and thighs including deep and prolonged work on your inner thighs and outer thighs too. When the calf muscles and the hamstrings are thoroughly loosened and relaxed, your Goddess will then massage your bum/glutes. Feel free to request any part of the massage to be lighter or deeper, and these suggestions or requests can be made before or during the massage. It is completely up to you if you would like a deep massage or a more light massage, both have the same benefit except if you do sports, or work long hours in the office, or in general are carrying deep muscle tension, the deeper muscle massage will release some of those knots!
After your glute muscles are nice and relaxed your Goddess will then expertly massage your lower back concentrating on the area in your lower back where your Kundalini energy resides.
Your Goddess will move on to massage the whole of your back, also making sure to concentrate on the sides of your body too. Your back, in fact your whole body, will be well taken care of because all our Goddesses are qualified sports massage therapists too. It is essential our Goddesses have a good working knowledge of the muscles in the body so that muscularly you will get a quality massage coupled with an out of this word Tantric massage. We aim to provide the best service possible. After your back has been well massaged your Goddess will move on to your shoulders, arms and hands, and then back up to your your neck and finishing with a sensational head massage that will open up your crown chakra leaving you feeling energised and in a state of clarity.

Your Goddess will then gently whisper to you to turn over and lay on your back. Now laying on your back, face up, this may be the first time you are seeing your Goddess in the nude, unless you took a peak earlier that is! She will again place one of her hands on your heart and another low down on your tummy and honour you as Shiva and with her hands still on your heart and base chakra, will ask you to visualise connecting you heart and your sex centre so that you maintain your state of Tantric love and pleasure combined, it is this combination and heart and sex connected that is the foundation of you Tantric experience and the reason it can be so empowering sexually and enlightening consciousness wise.

Using the warm oil your Goddess will once again start at your feet and expertly and in the most sensual of ways start massaging every part of the front of your body.

During the entire session you will be guided by your Goddesses breath to focus on your own Tantric breathing which is breathing through the mouth, both inhalation and exhalation, unlike yogic breathing which uses the nose to inhale. So, as you and your therapist breathe in sync with  each other,  this consistent breathing will keep you in Tantric presence, your Goddess will work on your thighs and outer and inner thighs again, but from the front she can reach new places she was not able to reach when you were laying face down to ensure that really no area of your body is left untouched. Just to add..if you do not feel like concentrating on your breathing or forget to focus on breathing because you are floating in a world of empty mind and just enjoying the physical sensation of your Goddess touching you, then this is completely fine and you will still experience the same pleasures. The idea of Tantric breathing is to connect with the very deepest part of your sexual energy so as to achieve an even more expanded orgasim, although this can truly be an earth shattering experience and the orgasim achieved just through the Tantric experience alone tat your Goddess has guided you both through will no doubt be a stronger and more profound orgasim than that which you are used to having.

Massaging your chest and sides and shoulders, running her hands down your arms in to the palm of your hands, you will feel like the most pampered man on Earth! Again your Goddess will focus on giving you a second lighter head massage and this time you can see things you could not see before when laying face down..

Relax and enjoy the waves of Tantric pleasure and sensations as the sensory journey that your Goddess has taken you on, from the moment you met her to now, will absolutely benefit you for weeks to come after your session. An experience like this is unforgettable and highly beneficial because the most powerful and effective energies were awakened and experienced at a higher level within you, sexual energy and the energy of love.

The most exciting, sensual, pleasurable part of the massage is next as your Goddess starts with the Lingham massage. Smoothing the silky oil on to her hands your Goddess will begin by slowly and gently massaging the skin around your Lingham and then slowly move on to start massaging your. Your Goddess will use techniques that are thousands of years old and part of the old tantric teachings on how to pleasure a man to the point of pure connected ecstasy. Your beautiful Goddess will also use more modern tantric massage techniques too. You will experience brand new ways of stimulation and the successful effect they have on your body as a whole, not just your Lingham. Throughout the massage you have been breathing tantra style and visualised connecting your heart with your sex centre, your Goddess has awakened every one of your senses one by one, connecting your heart to your sex with her touch, guiding the energy in your body to flow in aligned unity, so that now every cell in your body is vibrating to the higher frequency of love. As your Lingham is massaged you will feel those deeper waves of pleasure, expanding from your toes to your head. As your Goddess touches your Lingham, she is also touching the rest of you, as her energy is now intertwined with yours in the realm of tantric bliss.

Lingham massage is sacred and can be a profound experience. The techniques used for the Lingham massage are Tantric massage techniques that have been studied and practiced widely in the world of tantra.

Lingham massage is not a classic 'happy ending'. Lingham massage is a part of the teachings of tantra and is widely respected as a valuable practice to help with gaining a better knowledge of your body and what techniques work best to give the ultimate orgasim. Also Lingham massage can be used to treat sexual dysfunction such as premature ejaculation or a temporary inability to become aroused.

Our Goddesses are trained and experienced in teaching you, in the beautiful and relaxed setting of their private temple, how to use your pelvic (p.c) muscles to strengthen your Lingham, to practice ejaculation control so that when you eventually do let go, it is a very strong orgasim because you have held back on ejaculating two or three times. Learn how to have multiple orgasims and internal orgasims (orgasim without ejaculation). Our goddesses are also trained to do prostate massage.

Our aim is to provide you with an experience that will truly touch your heart and fill you with an astounding level of peace, vibrancy and pleasure. You will not feel tired after your massage, you will feel very relaxed but with a pure energy. Energy to go back out in to the world knowing that you are, within yourself, abundant in peace, love, happiness and light.


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